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Great Relationships Yield Great Results.

Terri casey, real estate, argentina.

Why Exclusive Listings almost always benefit sellers…and buyers.

  • The confidence and trust built in such an exclusive listing relationship enables the agent to be fully invested in and committed to the marketing and sale effort.

  • Collaborating with one exclusive representative is much easier, as there’s only one person to whom you must disseminate property details for the due diligence information (lot and property size, construction details, improvements, what is included, etc.) that must be given to the buyers.

  • The exclusive real estate professional will prioritize their efforts to ensure your property is ready for sale. This includes strategic marketing of the property to its best potential.

  • The agency will put more resources into marketing efforts and promotions to sell the property. (Caution should be the rule if you have a resale in a development where the developers and their sales team are representing their own product. They have an inherent conflict of interest and no reason to prioritize the resales of competing homes and homesites).

  • You will retain more control over access to your property working with one agency than providing access to multiple persons.

  • You will retain more control over the sale, as you have one designated representative with whom to communicate and on whom you can rely. You will eliminate the confusion caused by negotiating and dealing with multiple agents who have not familiarized themselves fully with your objectives or the accurate and specific details of your property.

  • Your experienced exclusive real estate professional will present offers from qualified buyers and help you achieve the best price and terms, rather than looking for the quickest sale.

  • They will be your advocate and point of communication in the negotiating process providing guidance and strategy to a successful transaction, and help to avoid many pitfalls.

  • Buyers approach an exclusively listed property with confidence knowing they are dealing with a serious seller who has specified price and terms and has designated a reputable party to negotiate on their behalf.

  • Buyers know that they are removed from dealing with conflicts created by multiple parties having presented the same property to them.

Investigate Then Entrust.

Here are some tips to help you make the best use of your investigative talents to select the best real estate professional.  Elevate your experience by dealing with the best.

el desafio Terri casey, real estate, argentina.

“The most exhausting thing in life is being insincere”.

The Gift From the Sea (Anne Morrow Lindbergh)

  • Experience / Credentials / Licensing: Research how long the professional has been in the real estate business and if they have any professional designations or specialized education. Ask for a list of their completed transactions. In many cases, the most important work of an agent is to anticipate and navigate the hurdles to a closing. That includes making sure the buyer is qualified, the title is deliverable (a big issue in parts of South America), and all aspects of the pending international sale are covered.

  • References: Ask for a list of referrals and interview them.

  • Communication and Effective Teamwork:  How do they handle title transfer, international money transfers with foreign buyers and sellers Powers of Attorney and obtaining Tax ID numbers, etc.? Ask about additional costs and estimated closing transaction costs.

  • Cultural Connections: Language and understanding of cultural differences can make huge impact on negotiations leading to a successful transaction. How does your professional bridge the culture gap potential in international real estate transactions?

  • Local Area Knowledge: Select someone who knows about the specific community and the area, politics, incoming infrastructure and scheduled improvements.

  • Target audience: How do they intend to position your property? Who do they define as your target market? How do they intend to reach them?

  • Database of prospects: Ask about the professionals’ and / or the company database. Inquire as to how your professional intends to promote your property to their existing database of buyers. How will she give your property the most exposure to both local and international buyers who are not in their database?

  • Marketing: Ask your agent which marketing avenues they include - databases, web pages, print and social media.  Multiple sources dramatically increase your ability to connect with your target audience, some of whom might not even be actively looking.

  • Advertising (typically provided at client expense): Ask your  professional if they recommend an advertising budget, get estimated costs and ask for examples of prior work. Professional photography and video will showcase your property’s best-selling features and potential. Drone footage of your property can also add the “wow” factor to lead prospects to the door.

  • Commissions: How do they cooperate with other real estate professionals who represent buyers? How are commissions generally handled in Argentina among seller and buyer agents?

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