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The Argentine Lifestyle sector adds new projects for the good life

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

Due to a large increase in inbound tourism and the start of low cost airlines, the lifestyle market in real estate in Argentina is growing quickly with the development of new projects throughout the country.

The new initiatives from the Ministry of Tourism for the development of an expanded domestic tourism market has resulted in the arrival of more foreign travellers.  New measures such as the lowering of taxes and fees, the introduction of low cost airlines, the remodelling and opening of new airports, and the improvement of highways and roading generally, has encouraged international investors to bet on investing in new luxury enterprises throughout the country and the numbers are impressive.  In the first nine months of last year, 1.8 million non-resident tourists entered Argentina.

With a high tourist component and aiming at the international segment, the high-end projects have the spirit to generate a perfect combination of comfort, leisure, entertainment and sports activities.  All framed in impressive landscapes and infrastructure and first level services.

Grace Cafayate is an enterprise with a luxury hotel, spa and residential villas in the Calchaquíes Valleys of northwestern Argentina, south of the province of Salta. The hotel project, which has 52 options of availability, offering a lifestyle focused on experiences: it is located in La Estancia de Cafayate, a residential property of more than 500 hectares, with vineyards, an 18-hole golf course and space to ride horses and play polo.

“We have a great expectation placed in Argentina, of sustained growth. Beyond the fact that the high-end market is the one we know the most, it is also the one that we see the greatest growth given that there is not yet a wide number of other offers. It has a potential that has not yet been exploited in the international tourism industry. The current investments in logistics, communication and transport will take the tourism industry one step up, “said Gustavo Araujo, CEO of Amerisud Argentina, the company that is taking the complex forward. The firm also develops a new facility in Cañuelas, which will be oriented to the lifestyle of the Argentine countryside and to polo, specifically, with Adolfo Cambiaso and La Dolfina participating in the project. ”

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Desafío Mountain Resort, located in San Martin de Los Andes, is another high-end tourist development geared towards mountain experiences. The hotel and residential activity will have a wide range of offers: it will have considerable amenities, a spa hotel with five star villas, lots to build 700 houses and first level condominiums. Located in the Andean Patagonia and in the Lanín National Park, one of the regions most sought after by tourists from all over the world, the complex has an equestrian and polo club, with the participation of the Pieres family and the Ellerstina team, and a golf course designed by Greg Norman Signature, which positions San Martin de los Andes as a top destination for golf tourism in South America.

In El Desafío outdoor activities such as fly fishing, mountain trekking, and all the lifestyle of the Patagonian countryside are added. In this case, the value of the lots that average 2500 m2 are sold between US $ 35 and US $ 100 / m2.  In addition, in March, block three of the Vista al Polo project will be launched with units of between 60 and 140 m2 in which the m2 is priced at US $ 2200 – values ​​that include membership.

“The international majority partner sees in Argentina an opportunity for good business due to prices that today represent a fraction of what is invested in similar developments in the countries of the North, and even other countries of the Latin American region”, highlights Roberto Huste , president of El Desafío.  San Martin de los Andes is a top destination worldwide, but postponed for many years. “The current national and provincial policy of relaunching the destination, by solving major connectivity problems have made the city a premium place for Argentine and international tourists,” Huste adds.

Mendoza is another case. Positioned as one of the meccas for wine lovers in the world, various luxury proposals are developed. One of them is the Algodon Wine resort. With more than 1600 hectares, in the area of ​​San Rafael, the project has an eight-room hotel, a professional 18-hole golf course, between vineyards, a restaurant, ten tennis courts, lakes and more. The farm has 83 hectares of vineyards dating from 1946. “Argentina is one of the best places in the world to invest in. There are many opportunities.” The resort is focused on the wine and sports lover, who seeks to have their own vineyard and also to be in a beautiful place that offers more activities “, describes Scott Mathis, CEO & Founder of Algodon Wines Luxury & Development Group, which highlights that the company plans to invest US $ 50 million in the next three years. “We believe that the policies taken by the Ministry of Tourism are an excellent initiative to generate more VIP tourism in the country, without a doubt, Argentina has a lot to offer in the luxury real estate world market,” adds the project manager.  The sections range between US $ 50 and US $ 90/m2. Owners have benefits such as special rates at hotels and purchase options of limited edition wines.

Michael Evans and Pablo Gimenez Rilli, have deployed for a decade, Vines of Mendoza, a project of 250 hectares in the Uco Valley, where they have already invested US $ 50 million.  A luxury hotel and spa and a restaurant guided by Francis Mallman, complement the private vineyards business, where investors can buy a part of the vineyard and produce a high quality wine for their own consumption, without worrying about the tasks of production, which is absorbed by the group. With the majority of foreign customers, today there is 10 percent of the project available with vineyard values ​​starting from US $ 250,000 per hectare, and villas from US $ 70,000. Buyers have benefits in hotel services. “The new Mendoza airport and the largest number of flights are an incentive not only for this project, but for the growth of tourism in the province, “says Evans, and that ” Mendoza is a destination that can compete with many others in the world; wine lovers here find high quality wine, like in Napa Valley, France or Italy. ”

In the South of the country, a development already finished is Barrio Bahía Cauquén, the first closed urbanization of Ushuaia, located on the banks of the Beagle Channel, on a bay.  Among other top amenities, within the property of 150 lots – already commercialized – is Los Cauquenes Ushuaia Resort, a five-star hotel. “There are high-end developments that have been successful, especially those that align to a particular activity, such as polo or golf, others perhaps not so much.  So I advise to be prudent, go in stages, not launching with a super project, as it usually sells well at the beginning and then it costs more to finish with the total sale of the loteo “, analyzes Luis Badino Lynch, director of the Bahía Cauquén group.

“In this sector, everything has to be done, and in recent times there has been an improvement in the connectivity that is essential, Ushuaia is a destination for adventure and exotic tourism for Europeans and Americans, and we must ensure that visitors establish more days.” , concludes Badino Lynch.

Fuente: La Nación

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