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An Argentine restaurant is the best in the world for wine, according to the Great Wine Capitals.

Mendoza's Abrasado won the international GOLD in the restaurant category of the Best of Wine Tourism 2022 awards. The top award was presented in Mainz, Germany, via streaming.

The Mendoza restaurant Abrasado, from Bodega Los Toneles, was chosen as the best restaurant in the global network Great Wine Capitals. It won the international GOLD in the restaurant category of the awards given by this institution, the Best of Wine Tourism 2022.

The winery, owned by Familia Millán, opened the doors of the enogastronomic establishment in 2014 and is the first winery restaurant in Mendoza specialising in matured meats. Currently, with a team of professionals in charge of the menu, they offer a variety of cuts and maturation points that make the menu one of the most original in the country's most important wine-growing province.

"It is a prize fundamentally for the effort and resilience we have as a team at Abrasado. We come from a year and a half of pandemic where the gastronomic and tourism area was the hardest hit, but we never gave up, we knew how to adapt and we work day by day, despite the circumstances, to provide the best service and to improve ourselves. As a family from Mendoza and a winery declared Cultural Heritage of Mendoza, we are very proud and grateful to have won the world award", said Melisa Millán, director of the Hospitality Area of Bodega Los Toneles and member of the Millán Family.

At Abrasado, visitors can enjoy wines, meats, olive oil, balsamic vinegar and spices from its farms and vineyards. With a careful origin, these products exalt the flavours and aromas of the Argentinean countryside. The excellence is based on having the complete traceability of the product "from the field to the plate". The meat, Argentinean culinary paradigm, is the star of the restaurant. Therefore, they guarantee its quality in all stages of production and distribution; from the breeding of the steer in open pasture, to the cooking of the beef cut, treated with care in the dry maturation system.

The hallmark is dry matured meats, this exclusive treatment allows the meat to be transformed improving its flavour, colour, texture and juiciness. It consists of keeping the best beef cuts in a specific refrigeration system for 30 days, where a microclimate is generated: the temperature is 1-3 °C, humidity ranges between 50 and 70% and air flow is controlled.

The province of Mendoza is part of the global network of Great Wine Capitals, which is why every year an award ceremony is held to distinguish the best wine tourism proposals. Besides Mendoza, the list includes Adelaide, Australia; Bilbao, Rioja, Spain; Bordeaux, France; Cape Town, Cape Winelands, South Africa; Lausanne, Switzerland; Mainz, Rheinhessen, Germany; Porto, Portugal; San Francisco, Napa Valley, USA; Casablanca Valley, Valparaíso, Chile; and Verona, Italy.

FUENTE: Great Wine Capitals.


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