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“The Call of the Andes”

Updated: Aug 13, 2021

When I was young girl I read the book “The Call of the Wild” by Jack London, about a dog stolen from Santa Clara, California, not far from where I lived my adult life in the SF bay area, and sold to be a sled dog in Alaska.

Having had my roots in Montana, my first call was to “civilization” in the San Francisco Bay Area. I was drawn to Argentina, at first, to the polo life in and around glamorous Buenos Aires. But I soon heard “The Call of the Andes” coming from Bariloche, in the Patagonian lakes region, where I immediately bought a forested lot overlooking Lago Gutierrez in Arelauquen and built my dream home of stone alongside a seasonal stream.

But THEN, I heard a call from the Andes in the NW corner of Argentina, the wine region close to the ancient Inca Civilization in the high desert.

Back and forth I have been on various paths along the spine of the Andes, north to south and south to north, 2300 km each way, for nearly 15 years. Traveling alone with my two dogs, Patalin and Jolie, I refer to us as the "caravan de gitanos". And during these years, I found myself straying away from the magnetic call, maybe even a bond, only rarely.

I have answered the call to the north, once more, to live in La Estancia de Cafayate, under the banner of sun and enveloped with vineyards and encircled by the magical and breathtaking mountains of the Calchaqui Valley.

La Estancia de Cafayate will be my “chill” home for the next 3 years while the world seeks its’ balance and various governments roll out their agendas for their citizens. Not a bad place to be among vines and wines and sun and sand.

La Estancia de Cafayate

Boom times are here in this little bubble, off the beaten track, despite the concerning news of this country and the world. Homes are sprouting up “overnight” in La Estancia de Cafayate. New developments are appearing everywhere. The plaza principal is being completely renovated. Tourism is back in full force and it is nearly impossible to get restaurant reservations! That will die down as the tourist season ends soon but hopefully filling the coffers of the surviving and new businesses and restaurants.

When Argentina again opens to the “world at large”, those who visit will find their Dollar or Euro will unlock a panorama of bargains and delightful options for exploration.

Make your plans! Include some adventures! Never say “Never”!


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